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Hello Subie lovers !

We are SubieMerch.com and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the world Subaru community.

We are a Subaru-inspired apparel and merchandise company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our goal is to satisfy the fashion wants, desires and needs of the Subaru community with a great product at competitive prices. With the Subaru knowledge and love that we all have, we promise to deliver you the best and most creative original designs.

SubieMerch.com also provides custom designs for hoodies, hats and shirts for any special occasion, event, group or business that you may have. If you need a commemorative, limited run shirt for a group drive, out of town event, etc, we can handle every aspect for you.

From design to distribution, SubieMerch.com can do it all.

Our inventory will keep expanding and updating as we work with our artists to create them. Some designs will be very limited, and others will be staples of the Subaru community.

Additional Note:
All SubieMerch products are produced with the highest quality standards. We use art created exclusively for us.
We do not drop ship our shirts from a mass production, low-quality printer somewhere far, far away.
If we ship a shirt, we've held it in our hands. This insures that we can verify the quality of our products prior to our customers receiving them..



P.S. Please contact us with any questions and requests.

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